Thursday, September 19, 2013

Common Core Quandries

Some many growing pains and changes this year! I'm so looking forward to the CCSS, but this limbo year is killing me! California has passed a bill through the Assembly that would essentially stop our state testing this year, and would have each school take EITHER the ELA or math pilot Smarter Balanced assessment. The Governor won't sign or veto until 10/13. That means that I won't know until mid-October which standards I'm going to be tested on, which means that right now, I'm trying to cover BOTH! Our school has decided, for now, not to purchase bridge or new CCSS aligned materials. The Primary teachers are using our basals, but from 2nd on up, we are all doing Daily 5 and CAFE. I don't have time this year in my schedule to read aloud as much as in years passed. I don't know when/where I'm going to do explicit teaching on things like citing from the text. I'm considering moving back to lit circles for one round of books so I can get in some of those ELA standards. 
Daily 5ers: How are YOU handling this in your room?

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