Thursday, August 15, 2013

Half room reveal

Like almost every year of my teaching career, I was in my classroom until 11 prepping for our first day of school. I like having this crazy yet zen-like time to be alone in my room, but together with the other teachers who've stayed way past bedtime.  I didn't complete two things on my list, but neither were critical to opening the door this morning. (I did, however, come home and revamp my class website and make my welcome letter). So I have pictures of half of my room. I don't have anything on my boards on the other side yet, so that will have to wait!
This one shows my new ribbon jobs chart and my book boxes, waiting to be decorated by their new owners.
Here are my Character Traits and CAFE board (I'll have to find the credits on that one!)
My super adorable alphabet by Ladybug's Teacher Files . (My welcome sign went on the door in the am. :) )

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  1. I ALWAYS am one of the last one's leaving in the dark when it's room prep time. For some reason this year I have been able to leave by 5. I think it's probably because I'm looping. I more calm.
    Your half room reveal looks great!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'