Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Community Service Projects

Yesterday (our 4th day of school) I assigned out first project, a community service project. In the next two weeks, my students will need to perform a service and then write about it. We brainstormed a list of needs in our community and where/how we could help out. My kids were very excited about it. 
One of the places that I mentioned was our local homeless shelter/soup kitchen. Now, as is usual, this is not in the best or most affluent area. I simply added it to the list. Apparently one of my students was deeply moved at the idea of helping the homeless and told his/her parents that s/he really wanted to serve food at the soup kitchen.  The parent was very upset that I included a place that wasn't "safe" on our class brainstorm.
How would you react to this? I simply said that as the parent, it was up to them to guide their child to participate in activities that meet their family's comfort level and values.  I don't know what else to say. Would YOU have included the only homeless shelter in your area or not?

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  1. I ABSOLUTELY would have included it. There is nothing that makes my heart smile more than seeing the kids get involved in something that strongly believe in. Shame on the parents for not backing their child and their desire for wanting to help others in need. I'm bad though because I'd probably tell them that. I'm too blunt sometimes. Maybe you could switch gears and have the child be in charge of doing a food drive at the school instead.
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