Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Great Classroom Move

What a day! Our charter school just inherited the entire campus where we are located. It's a very exciting time! In order to get the most out of our site, many of us (6 + the library and office!) are moving rooms. Today was phase 1...

My classroom is moving to one of the empty "new" rooms. I had the first room move, so that others could move into my room, and so on, like one big domino track. Unfortunately, with a baby at home and a hard-working spouse, I haven't had as much time as I'd have liked to get in and pack. (It's amazing how much you feel like a hoarder when you have to pack your whole classroom!!!) Anyway, this morning, before the volunteers arrived it became "randomly throw stuff into boxes" time. Here's a quick picture of half of my "packed" room...
What a mess!!!

Our volunteers came, and in a HOUR my classroom was completely emptied! I have no idea how we they moved 30 desks and chairs and everything else in that time; miracle workers I guess. So now I have everything in my new room and the adventure starts.

See all those lovely under the counter drawers? I was lamenting their loss because the configuration in my new room is slightly different. However, I was beyond thrilled when I realized how much storage I have in my new room.

I normally don't do well with change, but I am so so so excited to set up and decorate my new room! If only I knew what was in each box...

Pictures to come of my new room!

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